5 Ways Live Chat for Healthcare Improves Patient Engagement

live chat for healthcare

The nature of patient engagement is always changing. This was true before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, which accelerated the trend to lightspeed. As is true in most sectors now, digital immediacy not only dominates in the healthcare industry, but it has become a necessity. Fortunately, live chat for healthcare improves patient engagement and adapts organizations to Digital Age standards.  

The patient journey is not totally unlike the customer journey, albeit there is significantly more emphasis on privacy and rapid sharing of information. No one enjoys waiting on important news or information, whether that waiting is done on the phone, online, or in person. Live chat for healthcare ensures patient satisfaction by providing instant access to important information, and can have their needs and questions addressed efficiently without sacrificing superior service. 

Live chat for healthcare improves patient engagement primarily by guaranteeing security and a relieving, conversational method of obtaining information. With a particularly strong live chat solution, that offers robust omnichannel communication, patients will never have to deal with the cumbersome transfers between teams that defined yesterday’s communication standards. Not only can your patients contact you from the safety and comfort of their home, but they can also do so with breathtaking efficiency. 

Live chat also directly benefits your staff. Staff will be able to handle the volume of conversations with significantly less effort, so they can lend their prime focus to what matters most – quality patient care. 


“For Potomac Pediatrics, this is a huge win, because one of our key goals is to get patients to use the website more. Chat is an easy way to answer our patients’ specific questions in a format they love, and lets our staff handle more volume easily.” – Potomac Pediatrics


live chat for healthcare


How live chat for healthcare drives patient engagement

Live chat and automation offer features tailor-made for organizations in the healthcare industry to launch patient experience and engagement. Whether it’s proven security, deep integrations with CRMs, or customizable chatbot technology, the optimal chat solution offers it all – and continues to improve chat capabilities.


1. Trusted, HIPAA-compliant communications

SnapEngage’s live chat for healthcare improves patient engagement with a tailored patient experience. Patient data needs to always be protected and private, but that doesn’t mean your patients’ opportunities for communication need to be stifled. 

A great HIPAA-compliant chat can be hard to come by – luckily SnapEngage offers omnichannel chat paired with industry-leading security features. You can foster meaningful trust and protect your patients’ privacy and provide deep conversational standards and easy access to information. 

Experience peace of mind with third-party certification of HIPAA compliance and contract options (such as BAA, Downstream BAA). HealthEngage, our platform specially built for those in healthcare, offers ideal data security with double layer encryption, SOC 2 certification, audit logs, and more.

  • 3rd party audited
  • PHI data safeguards
  • Security audit logs
  • Secure data transfer
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAA)
  • HIPAA-compliant SMS


2. Meet your patients in their preferred channel

Wherever your patients are in their online journey, you can meet them there. If they’re communicating via SMS, in-site chat, or even social media, you have the tools to integrate their favorite communication methods into your own chat and automation. 

You can also use SnapEngage’s advanced proactive chat functionality, paired with other forms of automation, to engage with patients at precisely the right moment within their healthcare journey. Initiate conversations based on criteria such as geo-location or page URL to offer the option of completely customized experience.


3. One seamless conversation platform 

SnapEngage’s live chat for healthcare unifies the patient experience, and provides new tools for your agents and healthcare professionals. Remove silos isolating teams and agents, and give your patients a seamless communication experience that’s relieving and tailored to them.

Easily transfer conversations between administration, point of access, diagnosis, outpatient teams, and more to thoroughly eliminate communication silos. 


4. Customized chatbots and automation 

Up-level and modernize your healthcare organization with customized smart chatbots. You can leverage automation and self-service options to offer patients the ability to solve some issues on their own. Use highly customizable chatbot surveys to learn from your patients and determine what to focus on next. Chatbots work in-tandem with your expert team to deliver incredible experiences to your clients. 

You can also follow our guides specially constructed for healthcare professionals. Our team of live-chat-for-healthcare experts crafted a comprehensive healthcare playbook to address and meet your unique needs. 

Use our playbook to determine your ideal live chat for healthcare solution, and how to reach your goals. Learn how to rapidly and easily engage with patients through smart chatbots, specialized routing, and pre-built recipes that drive proven results. 

  • 60% of US consumers prefer self-service options for simple tasks.
  • 80% of customer questions are repetitive, quick and frequently asked questions.


5. Flexible customization and routing

Easily customize our secure live chat for healthcare and chatbot solutions to fit complex practices. Match your brand, set up sophisticated routing to get patients to the right person quickly and ensure peace of mind for both patient and provider. You can utilize intelligent routing capabilities to direct your patients to the best agent, or destination to tackle their particular needs. 

Utilizing the unique customization features that a great live chat solution offers, you have the opportunity to create exceptional and personalized patient engagement. Advanced routing capabilities and Design Studio can be used to develop a perfect match for your organization’s branding. 

Our solution is built for complex healthcare organizations that require the capable tools to scale across locations and departments – all under one unified chat platform.  


Take your patient experience to the next level 

The right conversation platform can launch your healthcare organization to the next level, improve patient response time, and revolutionize the overall patient experience. 

HealthEngage was built to meet the specific, specialized needs of healthcare organizations. For the past 12 years, SnapEngage has partnered with organizations across the healthcare industry. These partners include: addiction and behavioral health recovery centers, mental health and rehabilitation facilities, elderly care services, dental and orthodontic offices, medical and surgical hospitals, physician clinics, medical specialists, urgent care clinics, and general healthcare. 

With friends like these, we’ve come to acutely understand the unique needs and goals of healthcare organizations, and we’re here to solve them. 

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