Release Notes Jan. 29: Hub release, updates and fixes. Info Capture Bot improvements


Hi SnapEngagers,

here is what the dev team has been working on in the new year:

Hub Fixes and updates

We are currently still in the process of migrating existing clients to the new Hub portal and fixing some previously unreported issues as they are reported to us.

  • New agents will now be prompted to select either the light or dark theme.
  • Improved the display of the visitor page display in the info contact column to show the full URL
  • Added a scrolling option in the UI for changing the widget.


  • Fixed an issue where non-existing chats with an “Invalid Date” appeared in Hub
  • Fixed an issue with Hub resizing the info contact column automatically
  • Fixed an issue where Hub did only display a white empty screen in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the agent links were not updated automatically when switching between chats
  • Fixed an issue with the first visitor message appearing two times in Hub if chat went to the queue
  • Fixed an issue with some chats ‘stuck’ in Live chats.
  • Fixed an issue with agents getting redirected to the home screen
  • Mini Monitor: Fixed an issue where broadcasted / not-responded chats appeared as queued chats
  • Fixed an issue with the labels modal not displaying fully when a long list of labels was set up.
  • Team Chat: Fixed an issue where closing a 1 on 1 chat redirected the agent to the home screen.
  • Fixed several icons and buttons that were misaligned on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with secure data transfer info showing encrypted to the agent after reloading Hub

Info Capture Bot Updates

We improved the handling of the bot in some conversational scenarios:

  • fixed a case where the bot thought it got an email but it was empty.
  • fixed some cases where the bot was not interpreting visitor messages as questions and responds awkwardly
  • We improved the #NeedAPerson intent response
  • Made the message query more generic.
  • Added Better recognition of a request for a live agent
  • Added more variation in both “describe the issue” prompts
  • An improved way to get a preferred email address from the visitor
  • Fixed a case where the visitor response interpreted as #Goodbye intent
  • Bot responded with “Got it” and never captures email

Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue with the Case Type under custom mappings for Zendesk & HubSpot Integrations unable to apply to only offline or online requests specifically.
  • Added the Widget ID to the Integrations API in XML
  • Fixed an issue in the Email integration where chat transcript Operator Variables were displaying under the requester email section
  • Updated the “agent tags” option in proactive chat mode to adhere to Routing by Tag -> Set chat to offline logic.