Week of March 27th 2017 Release Notes: Chat Queue Email Notification & Call Me improvements

Hello chatters,

Over the past few days we’ve made the following changes:

  • We added a new setting to send an email notification when there is a chat in the queue. The new setting is located in Settings -> Agent Settings -> Chat Reassignment -> Waiting Queue Team Status
  • The “call me” feature on Design Studio has been improved with the addition of an international telephone code tool that identifies the user’s local country and pre-populates their country code into the textbox.
  • We are now using an Open Street Map based view to show the visitors location in the chat portal and view case of the chat.

Bug fixes:

  • We addressed the root cause of an issue which has caused several delays in the processing of the logs, the stats and the 3rd party integration with CRMs and Help Desks over the last few months. We will continue to monitor the delay of the chat post processing pipeline for other sources of delays, but we are confident that this week fix is going to prevent the recent issues from recurring.

Week of March 13th 2017 Release Notes: Updated Overview Analytics chart


Here are some updates we have applied this week:

  • We updated the donut chart in our Overview Analytics; this is a small “taste” of things to come.
  • We fixed an issue with the Javascript API where the ChatMessageReceived callback was not always working.
  • We made some low level optimizations to improve the routing of chats as well as the loading speed of the Admin Dashboard and Chat Portal.


Week of March 6th 2017 Release Notes: Improved tablet support


Over the past week we’ve made the following core changes:


  • Chats are now marked as responded if the visitor never sends a message but the agent did.

And in the Design Studio we:

  • Improved the positioning of forms on tablets.
  • Improved how messages are grouped with the agent or visitor sends multiple messages in a row.
  • Fixed a theme loading issue when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed a button display issue in the designer.


Week of February 27th 2017 Release Notes: Improved Design Studio loading speed

Hello once again,

For this past week we’ve made some changes to the core system that improved the loading speed of various admin components including the Design Studio themes list as well as the designer itself. In addition, we made the following Design Studio specific changes:

  • Improved the designer background images and fill colors workflow.
  • Improved the chat form animations to prevent CSS collisions
  • Fixed an issue where SVG buttons weren’t showing in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where the agent typing notification would sometimes not be visible on forms with a transparent background.