Week of January 30th 2017 Release notes: Log API and Routing by Tag improvements


Over the past few weeks we’ve made the following changes to our core application:

  • We added the destination URL to the results of our Log API.
  • We improved the Routing by Tags feature so that it uses the configured agent assignment logic when no tags are supplied at the start of a chat.
  • Expanded support showing Screencast.com images directly within the Chat Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where the agent alias wasn’t being updated on the visitor side when a chat was transferred.
  • Fixed a display issue in the Admin Dashboard with the schedule selector would show Noon as 12 AM instead of 12 PM.

In addition, we’ve made the following improvements our Design Studio:

  • Improved the handling of menus when switching between tabs in the designer.
  • Auto populating of custom field variables for text input, text area and dropdown fields.
  • Enabled the dragging of the chat box.
  • Added Intelligent PreChat for offline forms.
  • Sped up the chat form animations.
  • Improved the loading of the fonts on the chat form.
  • Fixed an issue where the Close callback wasn’t working on the prechat/offline form.


4 Ways to Keep Remote Teams Connected

Out of sight, out of mind?

Written by Jasmin Rosenboom, SnapEngage Sales
With contributions from Kent Riggs, SnapEngage Sales

The best teams are happy, motivated, and productive. They get there by being connected, consistent, and using clear internal communication. Yet how do we ensure our teams are working cohesively with the unique challenges that remote, modern work environments present? We’ve touched on the importance of autonomy in the workplace and the value of knowing the other teams in your organization. Let’s dive into a challenging dynamic that our team encounters on a daily basis: building a company with two international, remote teams. At first glance this element poses immense difficulties, but ultimately it has infused our company with diversity and strength.

Working with remote teams poses unique challenges – there’s no getting around that. Team SnapEngage is separated by half the globe (with offices in Boulder, CO, USA and Berlin, Germany), in addition to employees often working remotely in other locations while visiting clients. Over the last eight years, we’ve learned how to ensure your co-workers across the pond don’t stray out of mind even though they may be out of sight.


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