Why Account Reviews Matter

How to proactively work with your clients to steer them towards success

Contributed by John Maxwell,
SnapEngage Client Success Manager

While Client Success is all the rage in the SaaS industry these days, establishing a position in your company in charge of ensuring that your customers are happy and successful with your product can be applied to any business. The client success role fits nicely in between your sales, support, development, and even marketing teams. To put it simply: we are advocates for the customer.

“Hold on there…” you might be thinking. “I have a customer support team on phones, ticketing systems, live chat. I even send surveys to my customers all the time to get feedback on our product or service.”

Awesome. Perhaps you even use your sales team to communicate with prospective clients to relay the latest product demand from the front lines. All of this is a great start! But when you toss Client Success Managers into the mix, you supercharge your communication flow between your customer base and product team for the better. Why?

It’s all about the dedicated account review.

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An Interview with the SnapEngage Support Team

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the front lines of chat support?

Dan Mowinski SnapEngageContributed by Dan Mowinski, SnapEngage Sales Team

Who am I talking to in those funny chat boxes anyway? Who are these humans at SnapEngage that are answering my questions? We’d like to introduce you to our support team, and let you know a bit about who they are and what they think about life at SnapEngage.

I’ve interviewed the entire support team to learn more about them. After all, couldn’t we use a little more humanity in the world of online client support?

Even though our support team might not always have the answers you want to hear, or may need to follow up later on complex issues, one thing remains clear. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients the best customer service experience possible, with high emphasis placed upon an efficient, friendly, helpful, and human chat experience. This is what a good chat experience is all about!

I asked them questions to learn about their passions outside of work, why they think SnapEngage is awesome, and what makes a successful support agent. These insights into our team will hopefully make you as enamored with them as we are and open the door for better communication along the way. Let’s learn more about the SnapEngage Support team!

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7 Tips To Prepare Your Live Chat Team For The Holidays

Maximize Your Holiday Sales Potential

Live Chat Holiday PrepThe holidays are upon us, and for some of you, that means crunch time! As the e-commerce frenzy gets underway, shoppers will be looking for speed, convenience and service while they seek out the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Live chat provides an opportunity to capture your website visitors at their peak level of interest, and personally guide them through their purchase. But you can’t just slap a chat box on your website and expect it to run itself. A successful live chat strategy requires some attention and planning. Here are some tips to help you achieve record sales this holiday season. Continue reading “7 Tips To Prepare Your Live Chat Team For The Holidays”

6 Reasons Agent Autonomy is a Game Changer

A little trust can go a long way

autonomyManaging teams is often based on authority where team members are taking orders and following instructions. This more traditional style of management works quite well for factory work, but is usually unfavorable in today’s workplaces where innovation, creativity, and service play a crucial role. As best-selling author Daniel H. Pink puts it: “Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.” Autonomy can take many different forms. No matter how you define autonomy, when your team feels they have freedom of action, the results are stunning! Potential benefits include greater employee commitment, better performance, improved productivity, and lower turnover.

Our clients that are new to live chat are often unsure about the right settings for their team. In particular, the question of whether it is better to give agents the autonomy to decide which chat requests to answer, when to answer them and how many requests to handle at once arises. In addition, should these chats be automatically assigned to specific agents to avoid any possibility of agents slacking or choosing chats that are easier to resolve?

Although the answers to those questions depend on the structure of your team, the seniority level of your agents and other factors, we encourage our clients to offer at least some autonomy to their agents. Place trust in the people you hired and they will respond positively!

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider how you manage your team.

Allowing your employees to work at a comfortable pace while monitoring their productivity levels can benefit both their mental well-being and your company efficiency. Stop micromanaging and boost your team’s commitment, performance and productivity with some small enhancements. Don’t be afraid – it’s well worth it. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Guest Post: The Competitive Advantage of Integrating Self-Service and Live Chat

Combine live chat with self-service
technology for enhanced CX.

Guest post by Jennifer Spencer of AnswerDash

Studies show 60% of customers hate waiting longer than a minute for support. We have heard the statistics that live chat increases both conversion and customer satisfaction. Now with the rise of self service technology web self-service use has increased to 76% in 2014, up 9% from 2012, Forrester research data shows. You may be wondering if self-service or live chat is more beneficial to your customers, to that, we say why not both?

Looking at this data there is a compelling case for having both self-service and live chat available. Brands that can leverage the benefits of both live chat and self-service can create the best of both worlds CX. Luckily, technology today makes offering both live chat and self-service seamless and creates a distinct advantage for businesses of all sizes.

AnswerDash and SnapEngage have created an integrated solution to do just that. We have found by using both predictive self-service and chat together there are benefits for employees, business, and overall customer experience. AnswerDash customers who use SnapEngage chat can integrate chat in their AnswerDash tab. The result is that it allows customers to put self-service first and easily allow their users to route to assisted service as needed.  Continue reading “Guest Post: The Competitive Advantage of Integrating Self-Service and Live Chat”