How To Get More Out Of Inbound Marketing With Live Chat

Stop Wasting Your Lead Gen Efforts

When you look at the marketing and sales funnel, there’s a reason that the opening at the bottom is a fraction of the top – it’s hard work converting leads to customers. You spend a lot of time and resources optimizing your website and creating valuable content to attract qualified leads, but what are you doing to qualify and engage those prospects once you have their attention?

marketing and sales funnel
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Live chat makes it possible to connect with your visitors, understand their needs and objectives, provide them the information that they need, and guide them through your site towards an action. Think of live chat as the bridge that connects all of your incredible inbound marketing work with your sales team. It helps you and your business convert more and sell more.

Conversion starts with a conversation, but if you’ve ever been in the dating pool, you know that striking up a conversation isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Fortunately, live chat software provides powerful tools to help start and facilitate meaningful conversations to better guide your sales efforts. Sounds great, right? But to realize the results that live chat can drive, you have to implement an effective live chat strategy, beginning with some key steps. Continue reading “How To Get More Out Of Inbound Marketing With Live Chat”

Celebrating Our Differences

Diversity unites and strengthens
SnapEngage team.

Diversity. It’s a word that sparks varied emotions, strong opinions and ingrained ideas, and even controversy. It’s no wonder that diversity (or lack of diversity) has a pivotal impact on the culture, fabric, and even the direction and success of a company. With this in mind – and on the heels of the SnapEngage “About Us” page revamp – the SnapEngage team decided to take a closer look at our own diversity in hopes of better understanding how our employees’ various cultures, personalities, interests, and heritages have built our quirky chat company into what it is today.


When glancing at a SnapEngage team photo, a person might assume that we are actually not very diverse at all. However, this could not be further from the truth. SnapEngage employees hail from all corners of the globe. Our team members are proud to have birthplaces including: Brazil, Germany, Greece, Belarus, Spain, France, USSR, Mexico, Ukraine, and across the United States including California, Tennessee, Montana, Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Each team member that finds themselves in either our Boulder, Colorado or Berlin, Germany office brings with them a host of unique perspectives, shaped in part by their birthplace. This array of varied perspectives informs key decisions, fosters creativity, and spurs new ideas – driving our product forward. globe-flags

Almost every SnapEngage team member speaks two languages at minimum (and many employees speak four or five languages!). Our employees are happy to converse in Spanish, Hindi, French, Greek, Italian, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Russian, to name a few. In addition, SnapEngage employs more women than men (unlike many software companies). One third of our employees have spent significant time living in at least six cities in their lifetimes, and the entire company enjoys globe trotting.  Continue reading “Celebrating Our Differences”

Week of October 10th 2016 Release Notes: UI and Speed Improvements


For this past week we’ve made the following changes:

  • Addressed an issue where the agent delete dialog wouldn’t always show the correct agent alias
  • Improved the logic on the widget selector in the Multi Monitor Dashboard page
  • Speed up the delivery of chats to agents because every millisecond counts!
  • Increased the resiliency of the transcript processing at the conclusion of a chat
  • Made a handful of usability improvements to our new avatar uploader and emoji picker
  • Started serving up higher resolution avatar images so your agent pictures will look extra crisp!


Week of October 3rd Release Notes: rate limiting on all widgets


Over the past week, we’ve enabled our chat rate limiting across all clients’ widgets. This feature had been enabled on request basis until now (typically when a client was being abused by a troll or a bot), but we are confident that having it on by default will have a positive impact on our clients in getting less unwanted chats. If your SnapEngage use case receives a high chat rate from specific IP sources, please come chat with us, and we will find a solution.

Our agent avatar image up-loader and cropping tool has been enhanced, and should be easier to use now.


Our SAP C4C Integration has been updated to align with a change on the Customer query made by SAP late August.