Conflict Resolution Strategies With Live Chat

How to handle angry chatters

keep calm and chat onWe’ve all heard the compelling stats repeatedly proving that it’s easier to keep existing customers than acquire new ones. As competitive landscapes become saturated across industry verticals, customers are increasingly looking to customer experience as a differentiating factor when making purchasing decisions.

But keeping customers happy can sometimes prove challenging. Here are some tips to help front-line customer support agents deal with difficult conversations over live chat.

Listen and remain calm.

Sometimes easier said than done, but try to go to your happy place. Clients who choose live chat as a venting channel can sometimes come off a little harsher than they may through other communication methods (the natural effect of written communications). Focus on listening first and solving later. Continue reading “Conflict Resolution Strategies With Live Chat”

What about just … talking to the customer?

Note from a SnapEngage newbie

Like most software companies, we tend to get caught up in the technology of our product and the fundamental reasons for doing what we do begin to fade into the background. We recently brought on a new team member who brings a fresh perspective to live chat, reminding us that the power behind conversion and customer satisfaction is not in the technology, it’s in the conversation.

TL;DR: Actually talking to your customers is important. Businesses can and should make this happen in real-time. Practice best practices with pros to ensure the best results.


The fine folks over at Hubspot put together this swell infographic on the history of web design. Remember things like splash pages and skeumorphic design? Yeah, so do I. This is a great and rather hilarious example of the fluidity of interaction online. What is in today will be comedy tomorrow.

history of web design Continue reading “What about just … talking to the customer?”

Proactive Chat 101

Hi there! Wondering how to begin an
effective proactive chat strategy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Proactive chat is a mighty tool that is certain to generate increased visitor engagement. But for newer SnapEngage users who may be giving proactive chat a try for the first time, it’s a good idea to keep these fundamental tips in mind to ensure a high success rate.


Continue reading “Proactive Chat 101”

Week of March 7th Release Notes: New Chat Portal Sound Options


This past week we’ve made a couple of changes to the sound settings in the Chat Portal.

  • We added several new sounds; most of which are soothing and one that is a bit whimsical. 
  • We also added a new secondary option so that different sounds can be used for new or returning visitors.

You can find both these options in the Agent Preferences dialog which you can access by clicking on either the agent avatar image on the little gear icon that’s located in the lower left-hand corner of the Chat Portal.


How To Successfully Onboard New Live Chat Agents

How To Create Superstar Agents

Your live chat software can have the fanciest bells and whistles – and trust us, there are some pretty darn cool chat features – but if you don’t have agents who can effectively communicate and use the tools at their fingertips, you’ll never harness the true power of live chat. live chat agent onboardingAs your most intimate connection to your customers, your chat agents (i.e. sales and support teams) are your most valuable conversion and retention assets. But as you grow your team, it’s not just about finding the right people to interact with your customers. Just like your website visitors, your live chat agents need nurturing and the right support system to bring positive results to your organization.

As a late stage startup entering a new growth phase (check out The Evolution of a Startup’s Employee Handbook), we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming several new team members recently. And just like many of our clients who are new to live chat, most of our new hires have no direct live chat operator experience. Here are some methods that our onboarding team employs to make sure our new sales and support team members get started on the path to success. Continue reading “How To Successfully Onboard New Live Chat Agents”

Week of February 29th Release Notes: Chat Portal Chat Loading

Hello –

We hope everyone made good use of their extra day this year. For this week we have the following changes:

  • We improved the loading speed of existing chats within the Chat Portal; this speed-up is particularly noticeable for agents with a large number of team chats.
  • We fixed an issue where an agent could sometimes still be paused even after clicking on the continue button on the Auto Pause notification dialog.