SnapEngage Live Chat Webinar Series

We’re Chatting About Chat

SnapEngage’s new live chat webinar series is a free, low-commitment way for you to learn more about how to leverage SnapEngage’s live chat software to boost sales and customer satisfaction. Each week, our team of live chat experts will present brief walk-throughs that include live chat best practices, feature demonstrations, integration spotlights and more! When we say brief, we’re talking 20-ish minutes, because let’s be honest, who has much more than that to spare in their day?

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6 Tips to Maximize Live Chat ROI

Use these tips to lay the foundation
for a successful live chat program.

It’s no secret that today’s business landscape is saturated with competition. Rival companies struggle to differentiate themselves as they vie for the fleeting attention (and precious dollars) of prospects around the globe. Many companies across a diverse set of industries have turned to live chat software to push themselves above the competition by creating more efficient and meaningful interactions with their prospects and clients.

However, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of how to make live chat truly work for – aka generate profit – for your company. Keep these six tips in mind to ensure live chat success.

Tip #1: Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a critical first step that every company must take before embarking on any new live chat endeavor. Are you going to use live chat to find and attract new clients, support and nurture existing clients, or both?

2-18-2016_proactiveFor Sales-minded individuals, live chat proves time and time again to be an excellent tool for boosting lead generation. A smart live chat program can provide that extra touchpoint needed to nudge qualified prospects into your funnel. For example, a strategically-placed chat button or proactive chat invitation on your website will attract prospective clients and provides an instant, direct line of communication to your Sales team. Be sure to steer clear of slower, alternate communication methods which could deter prospects during their moment of peak interest.

For steadfast troops of customer support heroes, live chat provides an easy way to more actively and productively engage with valued clients. When a client is experiencing a problem, they need the answer now (or let’s be honest, five minutes ago). Live chat allows knowledgeable support staff to swoop in and proactively assist with potentially sticky situations before they escalate and result in lost business. As a bonus, the entire interaction bears a refreshingly human touch. Wait, you mean I’m going to be helped immediately by a living, breathing human who will not only fix my issue but also joke with me and ask me how my day is going, too?! You bet! Continue reading “6 Tips to Maximize Live Chat ROI”

February 18th Release Note: Chat Portal pasting of images

Hello fellow chatters,

As of today you can now paste images directly into team and visitor chats. All you need to do is simply:

1. Copy the image you want to share to the clipboard:

live chat software

(In this screenshot we’re Jing to grab a screenshot)


2. Pasting the image into the chat using Ctrl+V (on Windows) or Cmd+V (on OS X):
live chat app

This will show a preview of the image before uploading it.


3. Once the Upload button is clicked on the image will now be shown directly in the chat:

live chat software


(Sorry, Internet Explorer and Firefox users, this is currently only available to agents that are using Google Chrome. If you’d like to be notified of when this is available for other browsers please let us know.)

The Evolution of a Startup’s Employee Handbook

How we adapted to startup growing pains with a team-inspired employee handbook

Many of the startup Cinderella stories that we hear tend to follow the same plot – you know, the tale of two young students collaborating on a napkin sketch over some beers, selling their brainchild for billions two years later. What you don’t hear as much about are the growing pains that every startup goes through on their way from bootstrapped beginnings to profit-turning machine.

As a later stage startup, we’ve already experienced our fair share of organizational change to meet the demands of our growing client base. But one recent update sticks out as a milestone in our growth as a company – the creation of the SnapEngage Employee Handbook.

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10 Stupidly Simple Mistakes To Avoid With Your Live Chat Service

The Insider List of Live Chat DON’Ts

Needless to say, we’ve seen a lot of live chat in our day. We’ve celebrated compelling live chat successes alongside our clients, but we’ve also slumped our shoulders and shaken our heads at some live chat fails along the way. Our tools are intended to empower your sales and support teams to achieve their full potential, but in the end, we can only provide the tools, some sage advice and hope that you “Fly little birdie, fly!”

Sometimes hearing what not to do can serve as an equally good starting point down the road to success. So here are ten simple mistakes to avoid with your live chat service.

1. Don’t set yourself to ‘Available’ unless you truly are available.

adele helloThere’s nothing more frustrating for visitors than when they engage with a Chat button only to be met with silence. Live chat (‘live’ being the operative word) is all about real-time communication with your website visitors. There’s no point in adding live chat to your website if you can’t make time to chat with your visitors. Be sure to only set yourself to ‘Available’ when you truly are available, and be sure to set your status to ‘Pause’ when you are pre-occupied or need to step away from the live chat application. Continue reading “10 Stupidly Simple Mistakes To Avoid With Your Live Chat Service”