Week of October 30th, 2015 Release Notes: Routing by Tag


Over the past week we’ve made the following changes.


  • We’ve made many fixes to how our sound notifications work so that the “sound outages” should no longer occur
  • Made the ‘Agent Tags’ filtering available within the analytics for widgets that contain any agent tags.
  • Addressed an issue where the transcript refresh option would continue to show on the viewcase page even after the chat had completed.

HIPAA Compliant Live Chat Support for Healthcare Open Enrollment

Delivering better healthcare support through real-time communication

For U.S. based individuals and businesses, November 1st marks the beginning of 2016 Open Enrollment on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Each year from November 1st through January 31st (with varying coverage deadlines in between), millions of Americans scramble to evaluate their health insurance needs and shop new and revised plans available through the state-guided health exchanges.

For healthcare-related businesses, this short window presents an influx of questions, activity and opportunity that requires increased support resources. Live chat is an excellent tool to get consumers’ questions answered efficiently and effectively.

live chat for healthcare Continue reading “HIPAA Compliant Live Chat Support for Healthcare Open Enrollment”

Week of October 23rd Release Notes: Mobile app and Team Chat @mention

Happy Friday once again,

For this week we have made the following changes:


  • Tweaked Team Chat so that a space is automatically added after using an @mention
  • Made some backend changes to the way we handle user statuses to support our upcoming mobile application.


  • Made sure the page titles in the Admin Dashboard are always correct.
  • Resolved a connection problem with our our Jira integration.
  • Addressed an transfer issue where the receiving agent wouldn’t always be altered to the incoming chat.


Intelligent Tagging for Live Chat Routing

Instantly Connect Website Visitors With Your Most Qualified Team Members

Live chat enables real-time engagement with website visitors at the precise moment they have questions, even before they have to ask. It’s all about timing and immediacy. How quickly are you able to meet that visitor’s needs so they can accomplish what they came for and be on their way?

But getting visitors to engage with live chat is only the first step. Once they engage, it’s important to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently, and this begins with connecting them to the appropriate members on your team. How much time does your team spend transferring visitors between agents? (Hint: Take a look at your transfer reports to gauge agent-to-agent transfer activity.) Continue reading “Intelligent Tagging for Live Chat Routing”

What the EU’s Denouncement of Safe Harbor Means for SnapEngage Live Chat Users

With offices in Germany and the United States, SnapEngage serves a broadly international client base. So, how does the recent announcement by Europe’s highest court regarding US-EU Safe Harbor terms affect SnapEngage?

Safe Harbor Terms No Longer Apply

How the Safe Harbor Ruling Affects Live ChatIn a seemingly sudden and surprising ruling on Tuesday, the European Union’s highest court denounced the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement that has been in place since 2000. Safe Harbor terms provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce were accepted by the European Commission in 2000 to address the issue of privacy with personal data transfers from the EU.

In Tuesday’s ruling, the European Union Court of Justice found the protection protocols contained in the Safe Harbor terms to be insufficient and illegal. However, uncertainty should not breed panic just yet. The U.S. Department of Commerce and European Commission have been working for some time to amend the old Safe Harbor framework and this decision serves to hasten the release of new legislation resulting from these negotiations.

How Does This Affect SnapEngage Users?

There is still a great deal of ambiguity surrounding how this ruling affects businesses who deal in the collection, use and retention of personal data from European Union member countries. While we wait on further compliance details to be released, SnapEngage already has separate server infrastructure in the U.S. and Europe to accommodate our clients’ needs in adhering to local privacy and data protection mandates. The SnapEngage application also offers varying security and privacy settings that can be customized to each client’s specific requirements.

If you’d like to discuss your specific data handling requirements or get more details on European hosting solutions,  EMAIL US or CHAT WITH US.

Week of October 16th, 2015 Release Notes: Routing by Tag, Chat Portal refresh


Over the past week we’ve made the following changes.


  • We rolled out our Routing by Tag feature that helps direct chats to the most appropriate agents based on skill set, language, specialty, product, team, support level, etc.
  • The Chat Portal went through a bit of refresh over this week. We relocated some of the menu items to make them easier to access and also removed a lot of rounded elements.
  • Added the “Sorry, [alias] is busy right now. Please wait while we find someone else.” message to the list of configurable messages within the ‘Style’ tab.
  • Extended our Chat Availability Restriction by Country to support specific states of the country as well (can still be used as a white list or a black list).
  • Improved the logic around user statuses to continue supporting our SnapEngage Mobile App Beta.


  • Fixed Upgrade button to direct to your account billing page.
  • Removed the incorrect statement “Chat is still in progress” on the viewcase report of offline visitor messages.
  • Removed automatically appending a trailing space after executing a shortcut command in the Chat Portal.

Week of October 9th, 2015 Release Notes: Extra Security and Analytics Overview report

Happy Friday,

This week we’ve been busy! Here’s a summary of what’s been released:

  • Option added to ‘Extra Security’ to filter our credit card numbers from chat transcripts. If enabled the chat transcript will be searched for any credit card numbers entered within the chat and the credit card number will be replaced with X’s.
  • Issue with chats getting stuck in a ‘Notified’ status has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in Analytics Visitor Information report where some long URLs could overflow the table content.
  • The Analytics Overview report has been updated to include a new Donut chart and overall breakdown moved to the top of the page.



Live Chat Analytics Benchmarks

A Baseline for Your Live Chat Data

We’re often asked what are “good” statistics when it comes to live chat performance analytics. While we’d love to give you cut-and-dry answers, the truth is that it truly depends on your usage of the tool, such as sales/support, size of agent team, online availability and many other factors. But, if you’re looking for a general baseline for guidance, here is a side-by-side comparison of our analytics here at SnapEngage alongside our aggregated SnapEngage customer data. (Read more about the data available within your SnapEngage Analytics.)

Live Chat Analytics Benchmarks


Average response time (aside from online availability) is perhaps the most important metric when evaluating live chat agent performance. As humans become more and more distracted and impatient in this digital age, success is often determined by who engages first. When visitors engage with live chat on a website, they are looking for immediate assistance with their top-of-mind questions. If there is any delay in response, they are already onto the next click and website.

At SnapEngage, we aim to maintain an average response time of under 20 seconds. Take a look at your analytics to see how your agent response times may be affecting customer engagement and check out our tips for increasing responsiveness.


It may sound obvious, but in order to get the most out of your live chat tools, you must be available to chat with your visitors online. Your SnapEngage Analytics provide a breakdown of online v. offline chats, which at a high level will help determine how effectively you are using the tools to engage with visitors in real-time.


Proactive messages are automated messages that display to visitors based on pre-configured rules, whereas reactive (or ‘manual online’) chats are communications that are initiated by visitors clicking to chat. For sales-focused live chat efforts, proactive messages provide powerful opportunities to take live chat from just another tool to a sales generating machine. Learn more on how to configure proactive chat rules.


SnapEngage offers post-chat surveys, allowing you to gather valuable customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and drive innovation. Your analytics provide a snapshot of overall customer happiness and also allow you to focus in at the agent-level to reward top-performing team members and coach those needing improvement.


You can use chat duration statistics to evaluate resource usage and allocation. You can also look at these numbers alongside other communication tool metrics to evaluate efficiencies within your team, noting that many chats are held concurrently (as opposed to email and phone that have a one-to-one relationship).

*All data reflects SnapEngage Live Chat usage between January 1, 2015 – August 31, 2015. Global results are based on aggregated data from SnapEngage clients.

How to Boost Sales with Live Chat