October 1st, 2015 Release Notes: Transfer dialog

Hello once again,

We have the following changes for today:

  • Improved the Chat Portal transfer dialog to better handle large number of widgets and agents.
  • Improved the ‘Select an existing agent’ dialog to better handle large number of agents
  • Changed the shortcut command matching case to be insensitive in the Chat Portal
  • Fixed an issue where some links displayed in the Chat Portal would be redirected back to snapengage.com
  • Previous version of our deprecated Salesforce Integration is no longer supported. For more details see this post


September 30th, 2015 Release Notes: Default Proactive Sound and other updates


Changes today include:

  • Changing the default proactive chat notification from None to Snap when you create a new rule.
  • Addressed a font feature issue for Windows 8 and 10 users on Google Chrome making our Marketing and Support sites display incorrect casing in web forms.
  • Fixed an issue with the Text-to-Chat sending content to visitors for chat features not applicable to Text-to-Chat (such as post chat survey).
  • Updated the Audit Logs access for some cases where sub-administrators were seeing an empty list in the logs where the actual main administrator could see change events in the audit logs.
  • We’ve also updated the Analytics Overview report moving the Online and Offline numbers to the top of the page.



September 24, 2015 Release Notes: Draggable Chatbox Bug Fix and Transfer Reports

Today we released a bug fix relating to the top area of the chatbox:

SnapEngage chat box

Previously if a user clicked the top area of the chatbox without dragging it to re-position it within their browser, the chatbox would hide from sight. Now, the chatbox stays put when a user clicks it.

Thank you to one of our newest users for reporting this bug to us! 🙂

We have also released a new section within our Analytics for transfers.


Within this section you will see four different reports;

  • Widget To Widget Transfers – Logs when a chat is transferred from one widget to another.
  • Agent To Agent Transfers – Logs when a chat is transferred from one agent to another.
  • Failed Transfers – Logs when a chat transfer is proposed, but is not completed.
  • Agent Reassignment – Logs when a chat is re-assigned from one agent to another due to lack of response.

Please see our Intro to Analytics page for more details.

September 23, 2015 Release Notes: HIPAA Compliance

With all of the new features we’ve been adding we wanted to make sure that we let everyone know that SnapEngage is committed to staying HIPAA compliant on all accounts that require it.

We understand that for some of our clients chat is used to communicate sensitive information, and we take that very seriously. Therefore we make sure that we comply with HIPAA standards with all our new features.

Please contact us about how to make your account HIPAA compliant.

September 10th 2015 Release Notes: Choose your Secure Data forms

Along with adding a new Credit Card form that allows Zip Code entry, we’ve added the option to select which secure data forms are available to your agents to present to your visitors. You can find this within your Admin Dashboard under ‘Settings->Options’.


On the Chat Portal side, your agents will only see the forms that you’ve made available to them.


Please see our Help Article to learn more about Secure Data Transfer