February 2nd, 2015 Release notes: Chat Portal Activity Monitor and Team Chat History

Happy Groundhog Day everyone,

We have a couple of neat new features we’re releasing today in the Chat Portal.

The first is the addition of an activity monitor right in the Chat Portal itself. The activity monitor gives agents the ability to see the number of chats in progress and the availability of their fellow agents. For additional details be sure to check out this article. Secondly, we’ve updated the Team Chat so it’s now possible to scroll back through the transcript history, no matter how long ago the chat was started. Simply scroll up to the top of the chat transcript and the next set of messages will automatically be loaded.

Happy Chatting!

January 29th, 2015 Release notes: Improvements in Agent Reassignment notifications

Hello all,

We have a few improvements regarding our Agent Reassignment:

  • Agent Notification Email will include the not responding agent, when all agents are maxed out.
  • Agent Notification Email subject will include the non responding agents.
  • The notification for the reassigned agent will include the reassigned agent name (the admin will be able to see who the chat was reassigned to)

January 12th, 2015 Release notes: Auto responder and Agent Reassignment setup with the same time

Hello everyone,

Fixes for today include:

  • Fixed a bug when Auto responder and Agent Reassignment have the same time setup. Now the auto responder will fire after the time it was setup.
  • We identified a bug where Analytics Drilldowns were not respecting the Widget Selection filter — the data in the Drilldown container was incorrectly limited to the current Primary Widget. This has been resolved, Drilldown now shows data from all selected widgets.

Audit Logs Have Arrived


SnapEngage now keeps track of who is making changes to your Account, Widgets, and Permissions, when those changes were made, and what the changes were.  This allows you to keep better track of when things are changing, what they’re changing from, and who is making those changes.  We feel this knowledge helps you to better manage your account by not only keeping track of who is making changes, but lets you go back to previous settings by keeping track of what values changed from.

The Audit Logs offer filtering by date, type, and Widget to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  They are also available for download if you do need to pull the information into your own system.

Sleep better knowing that you can now stay on top of what is changing within your account.  See our help doc to learn more about Audit Logs.