New Feature: Agent Reassignment

How often have you stepped away from your desk, only to realize that you accidentally forgot to “Pause” yourself? Or perhaps you’re sitting directly in front of the computer, but you aren’t able to answer an incoming chat as quickly as you’d like to because you’re talking with a colleague or tied up on the phone. Take it from us, these things happen to even the most seasoned Chat Agents from time to time. That’s why we’re excited to announce a snazzy little feature that will help mitigate these problems while helping to enhance your visitor’s experience (because no one enjoys sitting around waiting for an agent to respond to their chat). If you dive into the Admin Dashboard, you’ll be able to get a closer look at our new Agent Reassignment feature.


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May 23rd 2014 Release Notes: Basecamp transcript emails and chats sending to integration

Happy Friday everyone,

Today we have a few updates:

  • Fixed an issue with our Basecamp integration where the chat transcript was not being sent
  • Switched from inline to block comments in our Get the code snippet preventing issues if the code format is changed
  • Fixed an issue in the infrastructure so that a chat is not sent more than once to an integration (Salesforce, Zendesk)

May 20th 2014 Release Notes: POST API Update

Hi everyone!

For today, we have a few updates to announce:

  • We have exposed two additional fields to the POST API. The Entry URL (entry_url) and Referrer URL (referrer_url) are now available.
  • We have appended these new tags to the bottom of the XML, in order to minimize impact to our customers using this API. However, if you are using the POST API without an XML parser, please be aware that these changes may impact you.