March 27th 2014 Release Notes: Visitor email links, shortcut tweaks

Hello Everyone,

Changes for today include:

  • Fixed an issue where the default shortcut wouldn’t work until the Save button was clicked on
  • Reworked the Shortcut tab in the Admin Dashboard to free up additional room for the command and message text fields
  • Fixed an issue where some emails were being turned into malformed mailto links
  • Re-enabling of the no-nose wink smiley on the visitor side

March 26th 2014 Release Notes: Naming changes, Shortcut Instructions and more

Greetings fellow chatters!

For today we have the following:

The big changes here are a few naming changes:

  • We hope that solidifying our lexicon of terms will reduce confusion and make our product more intuitive to new users.
    • The Web Client will now be known as the Chat Portal.
    • The Admin Panel / Configurator will now be known as the Admin Dashboard.
    • And Agents will now be known as Chat Agents.
  • We’ve had some confusion around how to use Shortcuts. So we’ve added a bit of extra instruction to the Shortcuts tab to address the issue.
  • We also fixed an issue where we’d sometimes incorrectly indicate a chat could be transferred directly to an agent across widgets
  • You can now customize the “Just a moment…” message from the “Configure Messages” tab of the Admin Dashboard.


March 21st 2014 Release notes – Admin agent options and web client desktop notification

Happy Friday! We have some nice additions for you today:

* We’ve given admins the ability to unlock, locked web client agent accounts and send them password reset emails from within the Agent tab of the configurator


* We improved the desktop notifications in the web client so now when the agent clicks on one of them, it take them to same visitor or Team Chat that they came from.

* Also, in recognition of the changing seasons, we’ve added some new weather emjois to the Team Chat. See if you can find them.