February 26th, 2014 Release Notes: Web Client Embedded Images

Greetings everyone –

As the old saying goes, “A picture can be worth a thousand words” and with that in mind we’ve expanded the ability to share and display images within the web client in the following ways:

  • Our screen capture and thumbnail services now include Evernote/Skitch. And, for those of you with a geeker slant, pasting a link to an xkcd.com comic will cause the strip to be shown directly in the chat.
  • Direct links to images now result in thumbnails of the image being showing within a chat.
  • Images are now shown to the agent in both Team Chat and visitor chats.


February 20th 2014 Release Notes: Agent Stats

Happy Thursday Everyone,

We’re excited to be rolling out a new feature in our web client today, Agent Stats! As you can see in the image below we’re now giving agents insights into their average chat response and duration times, as well as the number of chats they’ve handled over the previous seven days. In addition, the arrows to the far right indicate whether their numbers have gone up or down from the preceding week.

We’ve added a SnapEngage News section to the web client as well. The news section contains the latest posts from our blog which will help keep you updated on all things SnapEngage.


We have some more exciting things coming down the line for the web client, so be sure to watch this space. Or better yet, keep an eye on the web client.

Happy chatting!

February 18th, 2014 Release Notes: Configure Messages Feature

We’re rolling out the first iteration of a brand new feature today! You asked for greater customizations of visitor-facing messages, and we listened.

New Feature Release: Configure Messages!

live chat messages

  • When you log in today, you should see a new tab in your “Settings” page entitled “Configure Messages.”
  • This tab allows you to customize a variety of messages which were previously not customizable. Just type in your new version and hit “Save!” If you want to go back to the default message, it’s as easy as clicking the Undo button.
  • Please note that this is the only the first iteration of this new feature, and some messages are not yet configurable. But we are working hard to make that happen! So keep an eye out for new customizable messages coming soon!
  • For users with custom forms: If you have previously requested a change to any of your Pre-Chat form labels or button text (example: “Your email:” or “Chat with us”), these messages are currently hard-coded on your form. If you would like to have control over these messages from the “Configure Messages” panel, please let us know, and we’ll implement the fix for you!

February 17th, 2014 Release Notes: Configurator tweak for status icon and Salesforce remove system messages

Happy Monday everyone, We hope you had a great weekend.  Few changes for today:

  • We fixed an issue where Firefox 27 would show a missing/broken widget status icon on the Logs, Stats and Chat pages in the Configurator.
  • Salesforce integration – new option to remove System Messages when sending chat transcript to Salesforce.


  • Salesforce integration settings – Comment visibility, Select campaign and Select Record type moved to advanced section.

New Bizible Integration for ROI Tracking and Marketing Analytics

Hello friends!

The folks here at SnapEngage have teamed up with a few friends over in Seattle and together we’ve cooked up a little something that is sure to cheer you up during these dark, frosty days (No, it’s not a box of chocolates. You’ll have to wait until the 14th for that).

We are excited to unveil our new integration with Bizible Marketing Analytics!

For those of you Salesforce users out there, read on. This new integration allows savvy marketers to combine the power of SnapEngage live chat with the marketing insights of Bizible, all within your Salesforce leads.  Continue reading “New Bizible Integration for ROI Tracking and Marketing Analytics”

February 5th, 2014 Release Notes: Get the Code Update and Desk.com Status mapping

Greetings everyone – Two updates for today:

  • In the name of greater simplicity and ease of use, we are no longer offering the “Basic” code snippet. This change does not affect any current implementations. What this change does: Make it easier for customers who would like to use our Javascript API to do so with less hassle. For most customers, the functionality of the two code snippets has always been identical. If you have no need of our Javascript API, then there is no need to upgrade to the new default code.
  • Desk.com integration – fixed a bug mapping Case object for Status field with values resolved/pending/closed. The status of the Case will be changed not to mapped value.