Bite Sized Customer Service Tips: Sharing Success

Proper Ingredients
Today Blake, (one of our resident SnapEngage Customer Super Heroes and a culinary wizard when it comes to easily digestible, snack-sized tips on customer service) will be dropping some of his knowledge on whipping up a great customer service experience in an ongoing series of posts. So keep your knives sharpened and your apron on while we lay out some awesome ingredients and great recipes to make your customer service team the envy of the block. With that, Blake, take it away!

“There is nothing more important to the vitality of your business than keeping your customers happy.” Continue reading “Bite Sized Customer Service Tips: Sharing Success”

Security Alert: WordPress websites worldwide are under attack

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbThe news broke in a big way on Friday, April 12th, that a massive attack was underway all over the world, targeting websites running WordPress. Since we have quite a number of customers running SnapEngage on WordPress sites, we wanted to do our part to get the word out. This is a brute-force attack, originating from over 90,000 IP addresses worldwide. (Brute-force attack means the attacking system tries an endless number of common passwords, password variations, and strings of words and numbers in hopes that one of them will work.) Continue reading “Security Alert: WordPress websites worldwide are under attack”