It’s A Social World Out There…Customer Engagement Is The Key

1280px-Social-media-for-public-relations1Social media has changed almost everything about the way customers shop and the best way to reach those customers.  In fact, even traditional brick and mortar businesses are finding that in order to compete with online businesses, they’ve had to adapt, paying special attention to customer engagement.

It’s all about creating a marketing strategy that is centered on what the customer needs and wants.  While having a presence on social media is excellent, and some would say necessary, it’s also good to take your customer engagement one step further. Continue reading “It’s A Social World Out There…Customer Engagement Is The Key”

March 28th, 2013 – Release notes: proactive test tool and bug fixes

Good morning, a new tool and some bug fixes for you today:

  • The configurator Proactive chat tab offers a new button to review if the proactive chat is setup properly:


This button opens a tool that checks all the conditions are met for a proactive chat invitation, and let you see what prompts would be used for different URLs:


  • Fix for the affiliate partner signup and status pages, which were erroring out when being accessed while not logged in.
  • The web client now displays the visitor’s languages in the order that they have them configured in their browser.

Live Chat Results In Increased Conversion Rate

Fly HigherAre you looking for a way to increase the conversion rate of your website?  If you’ve tried other avenues and nothing seems to be giving you the results you want, it might be time to try using a live chat feature on your website.  Live chat has many advantages that have businesses all over the world feeling that this was a feature they wish they’d tried sooner.  However, it’s never too late to get started using live chat on your website, we can recommend a good one. Continue reading “Live Chat Results In Increased Conversion Rate”

March 13th 2013 – Release Notes: New feature, improvements

Greetings – A few changes for today:

  • The web client now displays the local time of your visitors
  • Fixed a web client issue that would cause the agent status icon to spin if they weren’t configured on any widgets
  • Added an alert to the web client notifying the agent if they haven’t been assigned to a widget
  • SAP OnDemand integration now creates and updates Customer Social Profiles
  • Logs CSV export now includes search keywords

Access your knowledge base directly inside the Web Client

KnowledgeWe are very pleased to announce a new feature that allows you to connect your agent’s SnapEngage web client directly into your existing knowledge base. Currently the available connections are Zendesk, WordPress, and Mindtouch. For your agents this is a huge time saver as they won’t need to open a separate tab or browser to access your Knowledge base and its wealth of knowledge.

Agents can stay working directly inside the SnapEngage web client to search, review, and link to any article on your knowledge base! For speed, convenience and shear awesomeness… it’s hard to beat! Let’s learn more. Continue reading “Access your knowledge base directly inside the Web Client”

SnapEngage integration

Desk plus SnapEngage

With our rather stellar Salesforce integration we were very excited about the prospect of what a product would mean for us. Pairing your help desk with SnapEngage is an excellent way to create customer WOW!

You are already having great conversations on your site, engaging in realtime and helping site visitors get the information they need with guided browsing.

You are fully utilizing the call-me feature and incorporating phone support along with your chats and cases from email support.

Now all this magic brews together with your account by making sure every chat is sent directly into the help desk and creates cases for your agents to interact with directly inside

Desk Integration

We can speak from experience that the SnapEngage and integration is top notch and as smooth as silk. We want to give our customers as many choices as possible when it comes to integrating SnapEngage chat into an existing workflow. As one of the top requested integrations, working with is a no brainer. In terms of customer satisfaction, the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

We look forward to continuing our relationship and working together to bring innovative features to our community and the business community at large.

If you haven’t yet tested out the SnapEngage and integration, pop on over to the Help Portal and learn how!