Salesforce and Zendesk mapping, now with Operator Variables!

Warning : The following post contains geek references and language, continue reading at your own risk!

Today we’d like to announce a cool new capability for our Salesforce and Zendesk users. Operator Variable mapping! This feature allows you to enter information on the fly during a chat session and assign to a Ticket, Case, or Lead once you setup the mapping in your Integration settings. This may sound a lot like our On the Fly mapping for Salesforce, but now you can use any variable name you like taking dynamic chat variables to a whole new level!

There are some really cool applications for this feature, an example: You’d like to track which of your products your website visitors are chatting with you about, so you create a Salesforce custom field “Product Name”. Now with Operatior Variables, you can create the mapping to this field and agents can enter this information as it is discovered during the chat!

To get started login to your SnapEngage configurator and head to the Integrations tab. Click to expand your Advanced settings. Here you’ll see “Map and send custom data to…” section. Under “Source type” you’ll notice a new option – “Operator Variables”. Select this and enter your variable name in the “Source value” field. Here you can see my “awesome_variable”, but really you can name it whatever you like!

Don’t forget to click Save to update your Integration settings.

Now we’re ready to set an Operator Variable in a Chat! You can use Operator Variables with any chat client SnapEngage supports – Skype, GTalk, Pidgin, Adium, etc.. In the example below I’ll use the SnapEngage web chat client. The format for setting the variable is: “\[your_variable_name]=[the_value]” An example:

Press Enter to save the variable for the current chat session. You’ll see a confirmation message in the chat window.

Once the chat has ended, its time to check out our “awesome_variable” in the newly created Zendesk ticket (Cases and Leads for you Salesforce folks…) In this example we setup the mapping using the Zendesk ticket description field, but any standard or custom field is available to map your Operator Variables to, so go nuts!

That’s it! A simple, but powerful feature for all you SnapEngage users out there. And as always let us know how we can continue to make our Integrations awesome – Chat with Us Now!