What The New Facebook Pages Timeline Means for You

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It is more than official the new timeline layout has come to pages and as a Facebook page admin that might make you feel a little bit of panic. As with any change a little bit of trepidation is to be expected but never fear, with a few helpful tips you will be right as rain.

First off you are probably wondering how the changes effect your SnapEngage App for Facebook. The good news is it actually improves things and gives you some additional customization options and capabilities you didn’t have before. With a few settings you can now really make your SnapEngage App stand out and get the attention it deserves. Let’s start out in your Facebook page, the very 1st thing you will be looking at is the Admin Panel. You will want to click the Manage drop down button then Edit Page.

From there you will go to the Apps icon on the left hand side of your admin panel and select it. This will open up your list of installed apps, you will want to click on the Edit Settings for your SnapEngage app

This will open up a few options that you never had available before! Now you can set the order of your apps (we recommend making it your #1 or #2 so that everyone can see just how awesome you are) and you can upload your very own image for the chat button. Get creative and really make that call to action stand out! You can even change the text you would like to display.

Following these few simple steps will help you stand out in a sea of Facebook pages and make your page standup and shout “CHAT WITH US”!

As always feel free to come have a chat with us, this time try it on our page.

Announcing The Fluffy Command

On this April 1st we are very pleased to announce our latest in a long line of commands to enrich your SnapEngage capabilities. As you know by now there are many commands you can execute as the agent to bring your visitor the best possible experience. You should be familiar with:

pause (great for when you need to stay logged in but don’t want to get new chats) and the online command (makes you available to chat again)

goto (activate guided browsing to take your visitor to the information they are looking for and reload their browser)

transfer (transfer a chat to another agent)

and incase you ever forget about these commands (and many more) just use the help to bring up the full list

Based on customer feedback and the extensive amounts of data from a variety of sources we have implemented the fluffy command as everyone is demanding more fluffy!

In film they are demanding more fluffy!


In the streets they are yelling for fluffy!

Now you can add your very own fluffy and learn about creating shortcuts all at the same time!

You will login to your SnapEngage account then go to the ShortCuts tab. On the left you will create the name of your command, in this case fluffy then on the right side the command we are going to execute goto and the URL we are going to http://blog.snapengage.com/files/2012/04/fluffy_destroyer_of_worlds.jpg

fluffy destroyer of worlds

Enjoy 🙂