Stats, analytics and insights oh my!

Ah data, everyone loves data! As a matter of fact I pour myself a large bowlful of data every morning to enjoy with my coffee and get the day off to a great start. SnapEngage has always had a bevy of helpful data in the logs and stats section of your configurator but we often heard requests for MORE! Never ones to sit idle when caps lock is being employed we jumped into action and have completely revamped the STATS tab of your SnapEngage configurator.

If you just can’t wait to see the sparkly new stats you can also jump over to our sample reporting page to play around with all the new fancy options yourself here

Now you will have even more amazing stats to play with and all sorts of data to model along with the very slick and elegant pie charts, graphs and technicolor lines. With our sample reports there you can actually manipulate the sample data yourself to get a true feel for how it works. Go ahead and glide your mouse across the multitude of data points and watch everything react in realtime. If you are reading this and don’t yet have a SnapEngage account make sure you fix that right away and grab our Free Trial!

Some new sections to give a spin are Top Pages where you can find which of  your pages chats are initiating and their ranking. You can also learn more about where visitors are coming from and what keywords they are using. Greater insights into your agent response time, chat length and activity by hour. All these things and more can all be viewed on a per widget basis so you can learn more about each team individually. As you can see below the new charts are more exciting to look at than an ECG and equally important!

As with any new feature we would love your feedback. If there are sections you would like us to add, notice anything not working as expected or just want to send virtual high fives please let us know in the comments below or email us directly.