Announcing Agent Mapping for SalesForce, zendesk and!

January 27, 2012

It is always good to keep things connected. The song, “The knee bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the metatarsal bones…” sure helped me in medical school and showed me the importance of interconnectivity. (I know you are humming the song now) One way that is very important when using SnapEngage and an integration like SalesForce, Zendesk or is to make sure that the chat is connected to the proper agent. In the past we had a few work arounds that involved a couple extra steps for the admin including doing the hokey – pokey and turning themselves around.

WELL NO MORE! We have put such schoolyard antics aside and now you can synch your agents directly with the integration of your choosing in one fell swoop.

To map your agents you will go to your Live Chat tab and hover your mouse at the end of the input field, right after the telephone configuration for the call me feature. In this example you will see the Zendesk logo appear and a field to start typing in your agent’s name, as soon as you begin typing we will look for all matching agents and highlight the names for you. Look at that, it found me after only 3 letters!

For an example click below 

For a SalesForce example click below 

Now possibly the most important part, don’t forget to click SAVE and you are all set.

Yes it was really that easy, now going forward when your agent has a chat we will automatically connect them to the conversation and they can follow up directly.

As you can see here Mr. Ninja is letting me know I have a few new cases to take a look at in Assistly that were generated from chats I had directly. Another great way to make sure I’m providing world class customer WOW!

You can even use custom data mapping and tagging to extend those functionalities even further, don’t forget your commands on the fly! We are proud to be keeping you more connected to your customers and now your helpdesk than ever before! Stay tuned for many, many more exciting developments in the coming months.

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