Announcing Assistly SnapEngage Integration, and a Special Offer

Image of SnapEngage Assistly Integration

At SnapEngage we are all about joining forces with other awesome web solutions. Like any other super hero team fighting lousy customer service we always like to have a full arsenal at out disposal. The newest tool to help SnapEngage and our loyal troops combat this menace is the aptly named Assistly! If you have been looking for a full featured HelpDesk to:

  • Keep all your support in one place
  • Monitor customer experience on social media
  • Create a self service center
  • Have happy agents
  • Make sure no ticket goes left unanswered

Look no further! Assistly is well suited to help manage those support tickets as effectively and efficiently as possible. Need to address something on your social networks, not a worry with Assistly you can bring all those conversation together into one place and respond directly. Let’s say you are chatting away via SnapEngage’s super slick Chat App for Facebook and don’t see the comment from Little Jimmy about how much he loves your product. Never fear Assistly is here, the comment will actually show up directly in the agent console and you can send that love right back to Little Jimmy.

Snap Shot of the Assitly Dash Board
Assistly Agent Dash Board

One of my favorite parts of Assistly is how well integrated the Knowledge Base is with the ticketing system. Need to respond to a ticket with an article from the KB, just a click away. Have responses you use often? There’s a macro for that. I can attest the agent experience is a breeze and very natural to pick up. Not only was Assistly super easy to set up, super easy to integrate with SnapEngage it was super easy to start using; it just works!

Now for the really cool part where all your SnapEngage conversations can be sent to Assistly for follow up, never forget to send the link or article that you talked about. At the close of your chat the transcript, any JavaScript variables, detailed info like browser, plugins, platform and even a screen shot will all go to Assistly. Don’t forget that SnapEngage will do a look up in Assistly when a new chat starts so you always know who you are talking to.

I know you are saying Assistly with SnapEngage DOES sound pretty awesome. Well we really want you to find out for yourself and to make the proposition dang near impossible to resist (we are talking chocolate cake irresistible) we are giving you 2 months of SnapEngage FREE! To take advantage of this great offer please contact us directly once you have your Assistly account and we will make magical things happen!

As always let us know of other integrations you would like to see us work on.